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Allen, Jennifer M

     Administration and management in criminal justice : a service quality approach / Jennifer M. Allen, Rajeev Sawhney. - 2nd. edition. - Los Angeles : Sage, 2015.

Addressing all of the specialty areas in criminal justice management, this text devotes equal time/chapters to the unique requirements of managers in all branches of the criminal justice system.

KM 570

Surveying crime in the 21st century / Mike Hough and Mike Maxfield, editors. - Monsey : Criminal Justice Press, 2007.

Papers in this volume were originally presented at a conference to mark the 25th anniversary of the British Crime Survey (BCS).

KM 620

Democratic peace across the Middle East : Islam and political modernization / edited by Yakub Halabi. -London : New York I.B.Tauris, 2016.

From Tunisia to Egypt and from Israel to Iran, the debates surrounding the concept of democracy in the Middle East are never straightforward. This has been particularly evident since the events of 2009 in Iran and the uprisings across the Arab world in late 2010 and 2011. Against this backdrop, Democratic Peace across the Middle East critically analyses the prospects for democracy throughout the region, specifically asking whether political and social modernisation are absolute preconditions for democratic peace to take hold in the region, or whether democracy without modernisation might be enough.

KM 39

Thomas, Terry

     Sex crime : sex offending and society / Terry Thomas. - 3rd. edition. - Abingdon : Routledge, 2016.

Sex Crime, Third edition offers a comprehensive and integrative introduction to sex crime, written by an expert in the field. The third edition has been fully expanded and updated to include further coverage of a range of critical topics, including child sexual exploitation, child pornography, female sex offenders, treatment approaches such as the 'Good Lives Model' and the European Convention on Human Rights.

KM 544

Young, David

     Abuse of process in criminal proceedings / David Young, Mark Summers, David Corker, Martin Evans, Sarah Bafadhel. - 4th. edition. - Haywards Heath : Bloomsbury Professional, 2014.

Abuse of Process in Criminal Proceedings is a much respected text and is an essential guide to all areas of UK law relating to abuse of process in criminal law, including delay, double jeopardy, breach of promise, and adverse publicity. Immensely practical, this fourth edition provides a thought-provoking analysis of underlying issues and will help the reader to quickly assimilate and understand the evolving UK case law on different aspects of abuse of process.

KM 570

Dictionary of prisons and punishment / edited by Yvonne Jewkes and Jamie Bennett. - Cullompton : Willan, 2008.

Covers the rapidly developing and increasingly professionalized field of contemporary prison practice with its increased emphasis on skills and qualifications and its new set of ideas and concepts.

K 120

Combating human trafficking : a multidisciplinary approach / edited by Michael J. Palmiotto. - Boca Raton : CRC Press, 2015.

Foreword: Human Trafficking-- Modern Slavery* Michael J. Palmiotto Major Issues - For more than a century, governments have been trying to end slavery and human trafficking. - Trafficking is a large industry that preys on the vulnerabilities of individuals, both foreign and domestic. - The process of human trafficking includes a complex network of individuals. Slavery can be traced to ancient times. The Bible, Islam Koran, and Greek classics all have described slavery.

KC 208

Theories of crime : a text reader / edited by Claire M. Renzetti, Daniel J. Curran, Patrick J. Carr. - Boston : Allyn and Bacon, 2003.

Designed as a stand-alone or for use with Curran & Renzetti's Theories of Crime, 2/e (Allyn & Bacon, © 2001), this reader contains excerpts from criminologists' writings on many of the most recent sociological, biological, and psychological theories of crime.

KM 500

Boyle & Birds' company law / editors, John Birds, Bryan Clark, Gerard McMcormack, Matteo, Solinas, Michael, R Varney, Charlotte Villiers, A.J. Boyle. - 9th edition. - Bristol : Jordans Publishing Limited, 2014.

This ninth edition of Boyle & Birds' Company Law has been completely updated to include changes relating to UK case-law and developments on: members' rights * the duties of shadow directors * the continuing importance of equitable principles underlying the statutory statement of directors' duties * core directors' duties of proper purpose and good faith * the consequences of a breach of the no conflict principle * substantial property transactions and ratification of a breach of directors' duties * the UK's Supreme Court decisions in Eurosail and Nortel Networks and the Court of Appeal decision in Game Station.

KN 261

Human Trafficking, Smuggling and Illegal Immigration : International Management by Criminal Organizations / Edited by Myrianne Coen. - Amsterdam : IOS Press, 2011.

Organized crime is not in retreat. Quite the reverse; it is spreading far and wide, and contrary to popular belief, it is much more damaging than terrorist activity. The success of any initiative to combat the wide-ranging effects of organized crime depends on a thorough understanding of its geographical, historical and political aspects. Without careful, well informed strategic planning, there is a danger that the problem will only be dealt with piecemeal; individual actors may be apprehended, but the organization as a whole will shift and mutate, never losing its criminal character.

KC 208


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