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Chamberlain, John Martyn

     Criminological theory in context / John Martyn Chamberlain. - Los Angeles : Sage, 2015.

Presenting students with an easy-to-manage introduction to the area, this new text covers all theories that students will encounter on their course focussing on the context of the historical development of criminology as an academic discipline.

KM 500


Ma, Fang

     Company law / Fang Ma. - 2nd. edition. - Harlow, England : Pearson, 2016.

From the creators of the UK's bestselling Law Express revision series. Maximise your marks for every answer you write with Law Express Question and Answer. This series is designed to help you understand what examiners are looking for, focus on the question being asked and make even a strong answer stand out.

KN 261


Poole, Jill

     Casebook on contract law / Jill Poole. - 9th edition. - Oxford : Oxford University Press, c2008.

Casebook on Contract Law provides students with a comprehensive selection of the cases most likely to be encountered on contract law courses and is specifically designed to meet their needs.

KN 10


Devenney, James

     Contract, tort and restitution statutes 2011-2012 / James Devenney, Johnson Howard. - London : Routledge, 2011.

Designed specifically for students, and responding to current market feedback, 'Routledge Student Statutes' offers a comprehensive collection of statutory provisions un-annotated and therefore ideal for LLB and GDL course and exam use.

KN 10


Cannon, Therese A.

     Ethics and professional responsibility for paralegals / Therese A. Cannon. - 7th. edition. - New York : Wolters Kluwer Law & Business, 2014.

This highly successful textbook provides complete coverage of ethical principles from the perspective of the practicing paralegal.

KL 82


Arjunan, Krishnan

     Company law in Malaysia / Krishnan Arjunan. - 2nd. edition. – Petaling Jaya : LexisNexis, 2015.

This second edition of Company Law in Malaysia continues with the practical approach adopted in the first edition in the exposition of what is undoubtedly a complex subject. The book is spruced up to not only take on board recent case law but also the new legislative initiatives in particular, the major proposals in the Companies Bill 2013 have been noted, together with provisions of the Capital Markets and Services Act 2007 and the Malaysian Code on Take-Overs and Mergers, 2010.

KN 261.M24


Sexual deviance: issues and controversies / Tony Ward, D. Richard Laws, Stephen M. Hudson editors. -Thousand Oaks: Sage Publications, 2003.

The editors of this book are among the world's leading authorities in the area of understanding and treating sex offenders. In this book they address the biological, developmental, cultural, and learning factors in the genesis and development of sexual deviancy and link those theories to interventions with sex offenders.

KM 544


Yeo, Stanley

     Criminal law in Malaysia and Singapore / Stanley Yeo, Neil Morgan, Chan Wing Cheong. - Singapore : LexisNexis, 2015.

This book comprises a detailed examination of the general principles of criminal responsibility in Malaysia and Singapore. These principles are described and critically analysed with a view to assisting the application of the law and to advocate law reform.

KM 500.M24.S48


Law, jurisprudence and human right in Asia / edited by Jefferson R. Plantilla. - Petaling Jaya : Strategic Information and Research Development Centre, 2011.

Asian States report to th United Nations human rights treaty monitoring bodies on the existence of laws, policies, programs and even local legislation that support human rights.

KM 201


Peak, Kenneth J.

     Introduction to criminal justice : practice and process / Kenneth J. Peak. - Los Angeles : Sage, 2015.

This reader-friendly text introduces students to the subject and importance of criminal justice, as well as the important trends, emerging issues, historical backgrounds, and practical lessons to apply in their careers.

KM 570


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