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      Statistical applications for environmental analysis and risk assessment / Joseph Ofungwu. - Hoboken : Wiley, 2014

Statistical Applications for Environmental Analysis and Risk Assessment stresses and explains the importance of a basic knowledge of statistics and statistical analysis in the environmental sciences. Emphasizing applications in such areas as hydrology, hydrogeology, contaminant hydrogeology, and water and air quality, this general-purpose environmental statistics book for students and practitioners does not assume prior familiarity with the subject. The text provides a carefully researched, readable account of statistical applications that encourages current and future environmental scientists to be more comfortable with statistics and to perform basic statistical analyses with confidence.


KN 95


RANA, Rashda SC.

      Alternative dispute resolution : a handbook for in-house in Asia / Rashda Rana SC. - Singapore : LexisNexis, 2014

This book is intended as a handbook for corporate counsel based all around Asia who are dealing with disputes based in Singapore.




KN 398.6



      The WIPO treaties on copyright : a commentary on the WCT, the WPPT, and the BTAP / Jorg Reinbothe, Silke von Lewinski. - Second edition. - Oxford, United Kingdom : Oxford University Press, 2015

Written by two leading experts in copyright law, both closely involved in the evolution of the treaties and their implementation into national and EU law, this work is the definitive guide to key intellectual property treaties.


KN 112


SARAWAK land code chapter 81 : as at 10 Jun-14. - 1958 edition. - Petaling Jaya : LexisNexis Malaysia Sdn, Bhd., 2014

The Sarawak Land Code is a unique piece of legislation. This version compiled and updated by LexisNexis editors contains up-to-date amendments to the Sarawak Land Code.



KT 3741.S26


SCAIFE, Laura.

      Handbook of social media and the law / Laura Scaife. - Abingdon : Informa Law from Routledge, 2015

The Social Media Handbook explains how the existing laws of defamation and communications based offences apply to social media communications and explores the tactical considerations both claimants and defendants must be aware of when dealing with cases involving social media. Social media covers a number of different platforms that enable a user to interact and share information such as comments, photographs, videos and audio, publically or privately with other users online. The most well-known include LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, Wikipedia and Facebook. While there are existing works covering the law of defamation and communications based offences, this is the first book to cover the specific issues highlighted by social media. This practical guide offers practitioners' innovative ways to handle claims using the existing law and working within the rules of the platform providers themselves.


KN 347.46



      Judicial review of national security / David Scharia. - Oxford : Oxford University Press, 2015

In recent years, countries around the world introduced numerous national security programs and military campaigns. Despite the complex legal questions they raise, very few of these measures have been the subject of rigorous judicial review. Nevertheless, the absence of real-time review has had an enormous effect on human rights, rule of law, and on national security. The Supreme Court of Israel provides an excellent case study of a different approach, which allows judges to assess military action in real-time and to issue non-binding results of their evaluation. This raises the question: How was the Court actually able to uphold this challenge? In Judicial Review of National Security, David Scharia explains how the Supreme Court of Israel developed unconventional judicial review tools and practices that allowed it to provide judicial guidance to the Executive in real-time.


KM 233



      Transnational legality : stateless law and international arbitration / Thomas Schultz. - Oxford : Oxford University Press, 2014

International law can be created by other means than treaties between states. This book investigates the philosophical questions posed by the treatment of international arbitration as law, such as those relating to sovereignty and territoriality, and sets out conditions which international arbitration must meet in order to form legitimate law.


KC 1250


STOKES, Simon.

      Digital copyright : law and practice / Simon Stokes. - Fourth edition. - Oxford : Hart Publishing, 2014

Now in its fourth edition, this text has been updated and revised to take account of legal and policy developments in copyright law and related areas, in particular the increasing role of the European Court of Justice in shaping EU copyright law.



KN 112.6


TAN, Kevin YL

      The constitution of Singapore : a contextual analysis / Kevin YL Tan. - Oxford : Hart Publishing, 2015

This volume seeks to explain the nature and context of Singapore's constitutional innovations in the context of a pluralistic, multi-ethnic state obsessed with public order and security.


KM 33.S48



      Globalizing transitional justice : contemporary essays / Ruti G. Teitel. - Oxford : Oxford University Press, 2014

Among the most prominent and significant political and legal developments since the end of the Cold War is the proliferation of mechanisms for addressing the complex challenges of transition from authoritarian rule to human rights-based democratic constitutionalism, particularly with regards to the demands for accountability in relation to conflicts and abuses of the past. Whether one thinks of the Middle East, South Africa, the Balkans, Latin America, or Cambodia, an extraordinary amount of knowledge has been gained and processes instituted through transitional justice. No longer a byproduct or afterthought, transitional justice is unquestionably the driver of political change.



KM 31


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