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ENVIRONMENT and Development Economics : Essays in Honour of Sir Partha Dasgupta / Edited by Scott Barrett, Karl-Go Maler and Eric S. Maskin. - Oxford : Oxford University Press, 2014

This book honours Partha Dasgupta, and the field he helped establish; environment and development economics. It concerns the relationship between social systems and natural systems. Above all, it concerns the poverty-environment nexus: the complex pathways by which people become or remain poor, and resources become or remain overexploited.


KZ 333.7



      EU law : directions / Nigel Foster. - 4th edition. - Oxford : Oxford University Press, 2014

EU Law Directions is written in an accessible and engaging manner with an emphasis on explaining the key topics covered on EU law courses with clarity. No previous knowledge is assumed, making this is an ideal main text for those encountering EU law for the first time.



KW 80


GERDES, William D.

      The basics of foreign exchange markets : a monetary systems approach / William D. Gerdes. - New York : Business Expert Press, 2015

This book is appropriate as a text for advanced business students and as a sourcebook for business professionals. The premise upon which this book is based is that an introduction to foreign exchange markets should commence at the most general level. Consequently, the book is anchored in the context of monetary systems (commodity, fiduciary, and fiat monies). The intent is to give the student of foreign exchange markets a very broad perspective. It allows her to understand how foreign exchange markets function under our current fiat money standard. But, it also analyzes how foreign exchange markets performed under earlier monetary arrangements such as the gold standard. This book will be distinguished from other, similar books in two ways: First, it will offer the student an historical perspective when analyzing activity in these markets by examining foreign exchange market activity with commodity, fiduciary, and fiat monies. This is especially important for understanding the pricing of foreign exchange.


KZ 332.45


GOLDBERG, David Theo

      Sites of race : conversations with Susan Searls Giroux / David Theo Goldberg. - Cambridge : Polity Press, 2014

Critical social theorist and philosopher David Theo Goldberg is one of the defining figures in critical race theory. His work, unsurpassed in its analytical rigor and political urgency, has helped transform the way we think about race and racism across the humanities and social sciences, in critical, social and political theory and across geopolitical regions.


KZ 305.8


JUVENILE justice sourcebook / edited by Wesley Church, David Springer, Albert Roberts. - Second edition. - Oxford : Oxford University Press, 2014

The second edition of the Juvenile Justice Sourcebook, as in the first edition, is grounded in history and exhaustive research, presents the latest evidence-based policies, programs, and innovative treatment alternatives.



KL 227.1


KEY issues in judicial review / editor Neil Williams SC. - Annandale : The Federation Press, 2014

This book is the NSW Bar Association's lecture series on the key issues in judicial review. It emphasizes essential learning for the public law practitioner, whether solicitor, barrister or judicial officer, that is not easily accessed elsewhere.


KM 306



      Civil appeals : principle and procedure / James Leabeate, Lynne Mc Cafferty, Sean O'Sullivan QC, James Purchas. - Second edition. - London : Sweet & Maxwell, 2015

Civil Appeals is an authoritative and detailed guide to the practice and procedure for bringing civil appeals at all levels of the appellate courts, and examines the principles applied by appellate courts when considering appeals. It also addresses arbitration appeals, examining appeals on points of law, serious irregularity and challenges to substantive jurisdiction.


KN 361


LEE, Chong Fook

      Process of criminal justice : part II trial proceedings, sentencing and appeals / Lee Chong Fook, Che Audah . - Second edition. - Petaling Jaya : LexisNexis, 2014

This book is the highly anticipated update to the first edition of The Process of Criminal Justice (Part II). It provides an in depth look into the judicial stage of the criminal justice system in Malaysia. Unlike most publications on criminal procedure, this book goes beyond the norm of stating procedure and principles, citing legislation and case law.



KM 570



      Crime, justice and the media / Ian Marsh and Gaynor Melville. - Second edition. - New York : Routledge, 2014

This volume examines and analyses the relationship between the media and crime, criminals and the criminal justice system. This expanded and fully updated second edition considers how crime and criminals have been portrayed by the media through history; applying different theoretical perspectives to the way crime, criminals and justice are reported. It focuses on the media representation of a range of different areas of crime and criminal justice, including: new media technology such as social network sites; moral panics over specific crimes and criminals such as youth crime, cybercrime, pedophilia; media portrayal of victims of crime and criminals; how the media represent criminal justice agencies for such as the police and prison service. This book offers a clear, accessible and comprehensive analysis of theoretical thinking on the relationship between the media, crime and criminal justice and a detailed examination of how crime, criminals and others involved in the criminal justice process are portrayed by the media. With exercises, questions and further reading in every chapter, this book encourages students to engage with and respond to the material presented, thereby developing a deeper understanding of the links between the media and criminality.



KM 570



      Immigration outside the law / Hiroshi Motomura. - Oxford : Oxford University Press, 2014

A 1975 state-wide law in Texas made it legal for school districts to bar students from public schools if they were in the country illegally, thus making it extremely difficult or even possible for scores of children to receive an education. The resulting landmark Supreme Court case, Plyler v. Doe (1982), established the constitutional right of children to attend public elementary and secondary schools regardless of legal status and changed how the nation approached the conversation about immigration outside the law. Today, as the United States takes steps towards immigration policy reform, Americans are subjected to polarized debates on what the country should do with its "illegal" or "undocumented" population.


KM 177.3


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