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ADDICOTT, Jeffrey F.

      Terrorism law : materials, cases, comments / Jeffrey F. Addicott. - Seven edition. - Tucson : Lawyers & Judges Publishing Company, Inc., 2014

This seventh edition of Terrorism Law has been updated to include some of our nation's biggest changes in fighting the War on Terror, including mention of the Boston Marathon bombing and a new section on rules of engagement. This book highlights some of the legal and policy challenges that confront the United States, and emphasizes the importance of developing capable military forces while promoting democracy as the long-term solution to terrorism. It includes chapters on the Iraq war, Supreme Court decisions on detainees, interrogation techniques of the United States military, civil liberties and human rights, civil litigation and the War on Terror, cyber terrorism, and bioterrorism.


KC 218.T4


ALAM-ELDIN, Mohie-Eldin I.

      Arbitral awards of the cairo regional centre for international commercial arbitration IV / Mohie-Eldin I. Alam-Eldin. - Boston : Kluwer Law International, 2014

This fourth series of cases brought before the Cairo Regional Centre for International Commercial Arbitration introduces some of the most important arbitration cases involving major construction companies from Europe and the United States during the past decade. Manifesting once again the Centre's hybrid procedures that permit the harmonization of legal cultures among parties while rigorously adhering to the agreements between the parties, all applicable law, and guarantees of defence, this volume provides full details on seven cases, dealing with disputes pursuant to major construction contracts (an airport, a Red Sea port, a Mediterranean tourist resort, and a power plant), and disputes over the validity of the arbitration clause and the dispute resolution procedure itself.


KC 1256



      Arbitration under the 2014 LCIA rules : a user's guide / Maxi Scherer, Lisa M. Richman, Remy Gerbay. - Alphen aan den Rijn : Kluwer Law International, 2015

This highly practical and user-friendly guide offers a thorough analysis of the 2014 LCIA Rules. It provides a comprehensive explanation of the basic principles governing LCIA arbitration, while at the same time offering an in-depth analysis of complex issues that may arise in the course of LCIA proceedings. This book is invaluable to business executives and corporate counsel, as well as to practitioners and scholars in the field. Setting this book apart is the unique combination of the backgrounds of the authors, who bring together a diverse and complementary outlook on LCIA arbitration and combine academic and practical perspectives, common law and civil law training and practice, and vast professional and personal experience as counsel, arbitrator and former LCIA Deputy Registrar.


KC 1250


ARIZON, Felipe de.

      Maritime letters of indemnity / by Felipe de Arizon and David Semark. - Milton Park : Informa Law from Routledge, 2014

This unique new title provides expert, hands-on advice as to the law and practice of the maritime letter of indemnity. Detailing the variety of implications that can arise from each type of letter, the authors bring this important and litigious subject to the fore with a view to reducing the commercial and legal risks involved in this core area of shipping and international trade.


KN 330



      Islam and warfare : context and compatibility with international law / Onder Bakircioglu. - Milton Park : Routledge, 2014

The question of how the Sharia (Islamic law) regulates the notions of just recourse to, and just conduct in, war has long been the subject of heated controversy. This book offers a scholarly exploration of the Islamic laws of war in general, and the controversial concept of jihad in particular. The book seeks to understand whether the doctrine of jihad complies with the principles of contemporary international law, which envisages unilateral force only in cases of self-defence. The book undertakes a historical and contextual examination of the sources of Islamic law with a view to illustrating their continuing relevance to the debate on the doctrine of jihad and its dynamic interpretation. The book traces the origins and evolution of the Islamic jus in bello and jus ad bellum rules showing how the fighting verses of the Qur'an and other sources of Sharia have developed over time. Onder Bakircioglu shows how military jihad might be interpreted in line with the modern political and military context of international relations proposing a contextual interpretation of jihad in the United Nations era.


KD 625


BARELA, Steven J.

      International law, new diplomacy and counter-terrorism : an interdisciplinary study of legitimacy / Steven J. Barela. - Milton Park : Routledge, 2014

This interdisciplinary book explores how those who employ terrorist tactics across international borders intend to achieve their strategic goals by targeting a government's legitimacy. Because legitimacy must be bestowed through compliance from below, a shift away from the traditional top-down approach must be undertaken to account for the views of citizens. The spheres of legality, morality and efficacy serve to conceptualize legitimacy as this target of terrorism To explore this hypothesis, the author uses the framework of international law to investigate the case study of the cross-border 'war on terror' launched by the United States. Thus this work represents the conscious integration of two disciplines: international law and political philosophy. Through their integration, we see that civil societies have often turned to the standards of international law to understand and judge the legitimacy of their government's counterterrorism policies reaching across international borders.


KC 218.T4



      International maritime conventions : the carriage of goods and passengers by sea / Francesco Berlingieri. - Arbingdon : Informa Law from Routledge, 2014

For the first time, this unique text brings together all private international maritime law conventions alongside expert commentary and analysis. Truly global in approach, the book covers each of the nineteen conventions currently in force, all scrutinized by this internationally-acclaimed author. It also examines important maritime conventions not yet in force, including the topical Rotterdam Rules. Split into three convenient volumes, this comprehensive resource provides a thorough treatment of both wet and dry shipping treaties, combining breadth of coverage with depth of analysis.


KC 260



      Green cultural criminology : constructions of environmental harm, consumerism, and resistance to ecocide / Avi Brisman and Nigel South. - Abingdon : Routledge, 2014

Over the last two decades, "green criminology" has emerged as a unique area of study, bringing together criminologists and sociologists from a wide range of research backgrounds and varying theoretical orientations. It spans the micro to the macro--from individual-level environmental crimes and victimization to business/corporate violations and state transgressions. There have been few attempts, however, to explicitly or implicitly integrate cultural criminology into green criminology (or vice versa).This book moves towards articulating a green cultural criminological perspective. Brisman and South examine existing overlapping research and offer a platform to support future excursions by green criminologists into cultural criminology's concern with media images and representations, consumerism and consumption, and resistance. At the same time, they offer an invitation to cultural criminologists to adopt a green view of the consumption landscape and the growth (and depictions) of environmental harms.


KM 565.E5


CABANELLAS, Guillermo. ,

      The legal environment of translation / Guillermo Cabanellas. - Milton Park : Routledge, 2014

Translation is subject to a complex and unique set of legal rules that govern its various practical and intellectual aspects. These rules derive from very different legal areas, such as intellectual property and labour law. While useful from a strictly legal point of view, the heterogeneity of sources operates as a major hurdle in terms of understanding the overall legal framework within which translation operates. This book offers a general overview of the legal rules applicable to different aspects of translation, allowing translators and other interested parties to form a broad and coherent picture of the rules applicable in this area.


K 104


CHECHI, Alessandro

      The settlement of international cultural heritage disputes / Alessandro Chechi. - Oxford : Oxford University Press, 2014

International cultural heritage law has no set mechanism for dispute settlement. Disputes are settled through negotiation or through existing dispute resolution means: before domestic or international courts. This book offers a solution to the problem of the disparity this creates by advocating an evolution of the rules of the existing regime.      


KC 236.4


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