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To assist in reference and research, AGC Library has compiled bibliographies of books on various subjects including:

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BURN, Seamus

     The law of assised reproduction / by Seamus Burn ? Haywards Heath : Bloomsbury Professional, 2012

This brand new title analyses the Human Fertilization and Embryology Act 2008 and considers the wide-ranging legal, ethical, medical, moral and social arguments deployed in argument in Parliament in favor of and opposing controversial amendments to the 1990 Act.

KN 172.7


CHALLENGES to civil rights guarantees in India / A.G. Noorani and South Asia Human Rights Documentation Centre. ? New Delhi : Oxford University Press, 2012

This volume consisting of nine essays thoroughly examines the status of civil rights guarantees as enshrined in the Constitution of India. Discussing the contemporary social and political issues, and their handling by the state, it foregrounds different challenges faced by the civil rights framework in India. The essays elaborately analyze civil and criminal justice system, and cover topics, such as the death penalty, counter-terrorism activities, anti-conversion laws, and freedom of speech. The work also brings out the complex relationship between curtailment of democratic tools of protest and enjoyment of civil rights. Keeping in view recent international and national developments, the book focuses upon the threat faced by the civil rights regime from the state authorities.

KM 222


CITIZENSHIP : critical concepts in political science / edited by Richard Bellamy, Madeleine Kennedy-Macfoy. ? New York : Routledge, 2014

Citizenship, denoting full and active membership of the national and political community, has been recognized as a critical concept since ancient times. However, three key and related changes have occurred to each of the basic components of this concept that have altered dramatically to whom and to what it now refers, and the contexts in which it seems proper to use it. First, the scope of membership or who can be a citizen has broadened considerably. Second, the rights and duties of citizenship have likewise been transformed. Finally, the contours of the political community, or the loci where it is appropriate and necessary to adopt civic behavior, has similarly altered. Changes in one dimension have tended to lead to concomitant changes to the others.

KM 192


COMPARATIVE and international criminal justice systems : policing, judiciary and corrections / edited by Obi N.I Ebbe. ? 3rd ed. - Boca Raton : CRC Press, Taylor & Francis Group, 2013

Comparative and International Criminal Justice Systems: Policing, Judiciary, and Corrections, Third Edition examines the history, dynamics, structure, organization, and processes in the criminal justice systems in a number of selected countries. Designed for courses in comparative criminal justice systems, comparative criminology, and international criminal law, it explores systems in the United States, Ireland, Israel, Argentina, Sierra Leone, China, Russia, and Poland.

KM 570


CONFRONTING capital punishment in Asia : human rights, politics and public opinion /edited by Roger Hood and Surya Deva. - Oxford : Oxford University Press, 2013

Capital punishment has for many years now been the subject of controversy and moral debate. With the strengthening focus worldwide on human rights there has been a movement to abolish this form of punishment or in the least, uphold the minimum international law standards aimed at protecting the rights of those facing capital punishment.

KB 361



     International contracting : law and practice / Larry A DiMatteo. ? Alphen aan den Rijn : Kluwer Law International, 2013

For more than a decade this prized guide has served practitioners handling the legal ramifications of international contracting projects. The Third Edition thoroughly describes the new and ever-changing concepts and procedures that continue to redefine the searching, drafting, and execution of international contracts. More profoundly, it takes fully into account the impact of the financial crisis of 2008 on the legal profession, the regulatory system, and how we view certain types of contractual instruments.

KC 233



     Commercial law / by Paul Dobson, Dr Robert Stokes. ? London : Sweet & Maxwell, 2012

This book covers the fundamental principles of the subject and the relevant case and statute law. Presented in a clear and accessible format, the text adopts an engaging style and explains the law in a critical and evaluative approach. Use of topical and relevant practical examples help draw out key principles and introductions to parts seek to link the law into its wider context.

KN 250


ERTEL, Chris

     Moments of impact :how to design strategic conversation that accelerate change / Chris Ertel & Lisa Kay Solomon. ? New York : Simon & Schuster, 2014

In our fast-changing world, leaders are increasingly confronted by messy, multifaceted challenges that require collaboration to resolve. But the standard methods for tackling these challenges meetings packed with data-drenched presentations or brainstorming sessions that circle back to nowhere just don't deliver. Great strategic conversations generate breakthrough insights by combining the best ideas of people with different backgrounds and perspectives. In this book, two experts "crack the code" on what it takes to design creative, collaborative problem solving sessions that soar rather than sink.

KZ 303.34



     Judgement and decision making / by Baruch Fischhoff. - Abingdon : Earthscan, 2012

Behavioral decision research offers a distinctive approach to understanding and improving decision making. It combines theory and method from multiple disciples (psychology, economics, statistics, decision theory, management science). It employs both empirical methods, to study how decisions are actually made, and analytical ones, to study how decisions should be made and how consequential imperfections are. This book brings together key publications, selected to represent the major topics and approaches used in the field.

KZ 153.46


FLENLY, William

     Solicitor's negligence and liability / by Wlliam Flenly, Tom Leech. ? 3rd ed ? Haywards Heath : Bloomsbury Professional, 2013

The new edition of this popular title provides a comprehensive guide to all aspects of solicitors' negligence, liability in equity and wasted costs.

KN 33.33


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