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To assist in reference and research, AGC Library has compiled bibliographies of books on various subjects including:

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  » Merdeka and the Constitution of Malaysia
  » Islam and The Holy Month of Ramadhan (Online Articles)
  » Islamic Law


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Book Cover
Class No

ARCHBOLD : criminal pleading, evidence and practice 2015 / editor Richardson. - London : Sweet & Maxwell, 2015

The book offers the most authoritative and comprehensive coverage of the practice and procedure of the Crown Court including jurisdiction, bail, evidence, costs and appeals.


KN 350


ARETHA, David.

      Sabotage, sedition, and Sundry acts of rebellion : a peculiar history / by David Aretha. - Greensboro, North Carolina : Morgan Reynolds Publishing, 2014

Aretha describes the many forms of rebellion enacted by millions of African-American slaves prior to the Civil War.



KM 208.58


BASU, Durga Das

      Comparative constitutional law / Dr Durga Das Basu. - 3rd ed. - Haryana : LexisNexis, 2014

Dr Durga Das Basu's Comparative Constitutional Law has its beginning from the law lectures in B.H.U. A work of good research has been immensely improved by the author. Lucid, readable and of great value to students of politics, law and to the legal profession. The topics have been detailed in a manner that makes it most intelligible and fluent. The first edition incorporated precedents till 1983. This revised edition has brought in precedents till the early part of 2014. The basic chapters remaining the same, substantial value has been added keeping in view the latest developments on the subject over these years.

KM 31



      Access control, authentication, and public key infrastructure / Mike Chapple, Bil Ballad, Tricia Ballad and Erin K. Banks. - Second edition - Sudbury : Jones & Bartlett Learning, 2014

Part of the Jones & Bartlett learning information systems security & assurance series. Series meets all standards put forth by CNSS 4011 & 4013A! Access control protects resources against unauthorized viewing, tampering, or destruction. They serve as a primary means of ensuring privacy, confidentiality, and prevention of unauthorized disclosure. Revised and updated with the latest data from this fast paced field, Access Control, Authentication, and Public Key Infrastructure defines the components of access control, provides a business framework for implementation, and discusses legal requirements that impact access control programs.


KM 348.8


CIVIL procedure 2015 / editor-in-chief The Right Honourable Lord Justice Jackson. London : Sweet & Maxwell, 2015.



KN 350


DASS, Savarinathan Santhana

      Law of life insurance in Malaysia / Santhana Dass Savarinathan. - 2nd Ed. - Petaling Jaya : Lexisnexis, 2014

This second edition of the law life insurance in Malaysia encompasses the recent changes to the insurance industry brought about by Financial Services Act (FSA) which came into force on 1st July, 2013.


KN 290.M24



      Expert evidence : law, practice, procedure and advocacy / Ian Freckelton and Hugh Selby. - Fifth edition. - Pyrmont : Lawbook Company, 2013

Expert Evidence: Law, Practice, Procedure and Advocacy is the acclaimed work of first resort for analyzing the complex law and practice surrounding expert witnesses and expert evidence in personal injury, commercial, criminal and family law litigation. It has been cited by superior courts in every jurisdiction in Australia and New Zealand.

KN 391.5


LAINAH, Yow Oi Lin

      Conveyancing practice and procedure in West Malaysia / Lainah Yow Oi Lin. - Second edition. - Petaling Jaya : LexisNexis, 2014

When conveyancing practice and procedure in West Malaysia was first published in 2003, it was well received.



KN 74.M24


PERSONAL injury : quantum, cases and materials (Volume 3, Supplement). - Petaling Jaya : LexisNexis, 2013

This volume 3 follows on to update the law as from the date of the publication of the original 2-volume title to August 2013. This volume contains references both reported and unreported cases on personal injury; and makes references to guidelines stipulated in the Compendium of Personal Injury Awards issued by the Bar Council.



KN 38.1



      The code of criminal procedure / B.M. Prasad and Manish Mohan. - Twenty First Edition. - Gurgaon : Lexisnexis, 2013

This legal classic has served the legal profession and everyone associated with it for almost a century. Learned and yet simple in its approach, it allows readers to quickly grasp the principles of Criminal Procedure and Criminology. Painstakingly updated to include the latest cases, legislative amendments and current developments in the law and judicial thinking, this book is indispensable to the widest possible range of readers. The current edition offers a great help to students and professionals when they require a quick overview in the form of summary at the end of the work.

KM 570.I32


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