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To assist in reference and research, AGC Library has compiled bibliographies of books on various subjects including:

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      Sarkar law of evidence : in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Burma, Ceylon, Malaysia & Singapore / M.C. Sarkar and S.C. Sarkar. - New Delhi : LexisNexis Butterworth Wadhwa Nagpur, 2014

Your classical book on the LAW OF EVIDENCE has shown to the legal world your thoroughness and accuracy as a commentator. Your treatment of different topics is always illuminating? The book is bound to continue to be THE BOOK ON EVIDENCE in this country? As amended by the Criminal Law (Amendment) Act, 2005 (2 of 2006) and the Information Technology Act, 2008 (10 of 2009) (w.e.f. 27.10.2009) incorporated at appropriate places. Containing lucid, comprehensive, accurate and encyclopedic information of Law of Evidence. This book solves all evidence questions quickly and saves valuable hours by enabling you to turn up any question instantly on account of its splendid arrangement.




KN 390



      Legislative drafting step-by-step / Arthur J. Rynearson. - Durham : Carolina Academic Press, 2013

Legislative Drafting Step-by-Step is a practical, step-by-step guide to drafting legislation. This ''how to'' book untangles the web of confusion and technical detail that surrounds legislative drafting and presents drafting in an easy-to-understand way. In so doing, legislative drafting is shown to be a fun, intellectually engaging endeavor and not an intimidating prospect to be dreaded. In short, this concise, user-friendly guide seeks to de-mystify legislative drafting.




KL 34.1


WOLD, Chris

      Climate change and the law / Chris Wold, David Hunter, Melissa Powers. - New Providence : LexisNexis, 2013

This book comprehensively assesses the law and science of climate change, as well as the policy choices for responding to this global problem. Given the all-encompassing reach of climate change, Climate Change and the Law allows students to study how the many different areas of law-public international law, public administrative law, federal environmental law, state and municipal regulations, and the common law can be implicated in addressing a major social issue. This textbook thus provides students with an integrated experience to study law and an understanding of the many climate related challenges facing the next generation of lawyers.




KN 94.1


BELL, Stuart

      Environmental law / Stuart Bell, Donald McGillivray, Ole W. Pedersen. - Oxford, United Kingdom : Oxford University Press, 2013

This edition includes material on environmentalism and the law, international environmental law, access to environmental justice, noise pollution and new legislation on pollution prevention and new case law.



KN 94


WELLS, Celia

      Corporations and criminal responsibility / Celia Wells. - Oxford : Oxford University Press, 2001

This book analyses the background to the demands to use criminal law sanctions against corporations, including the rise in the demand for corporate manslaughter prosecutions and the difficulties in attributing blame to an artificial body.




KM 507.Q92



      Adventures in criminology / Sir Leon Radzinowicz ; foreword by the Rt. Hon. the Lord Woolf. - London : Routledge, 1999

This text offers an overview of the changing understanding of crime and criminals, of criminal justice systems and penology, and of the tensions and dilemmas these pose for democratic societies.



KM 500


QUAH, John S.T.

      Curbing corruption in Asian countries : an impossible dream? / Jon S.T. Quah. - Pasir Panjang : ISEAS Publishing, 2013

As corruption is a serious problem in many Asian countries their governments have introduced many anti-corruption measures since the 1950s. This book analyzes and evaluates the anti-corruption strategies employed in Hong Kong SAR, India, Indonesia, Japan, Mongolia, the Philippines, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, and Thailand. These countries are selected because they represent the three major patterns of corruption control with Japan adopting Pattern 1 (anti-corruption laws without any anti-corruption agency [ACA]); India, the Philippines and Taiwan employing Pattern 2 (anti-corruption laws with multiple ACAs); and, Singapore, Hong Kong SAR, Thailand, South Korea, Indonesia, and Mongolia belonging to Pattern 3 (anti-corruption laws with a single ACA).



KM 563.6



      Letters of comfort : a trans-systemic analysis / Anton P. Trichardt. - Alphen aan den Rijn, Netherlands : Kluwer Law International, 2012

This book presents the first thoroughgoing analysis of the contractual effect of letters of comfort as it appears in both common law and civil law systems. The commentary draws on cases from a wide variety of jurisdictions and on the full range of legal scholarship on the subject in several languages.





KN 306.91


BURNETT-Hall on environmental law / general editors, Richard Burnett-Hall, Brian Jones. - London : Sweet & Maxwell, 2012

An authoritative and critical analysis of all the main areas of environmental law. Covers regulators' powers, criminal procedure for non-compliance and possible civil remedies. Discusses environmental issues in the context of commercial transactions and the complexities of insurance. Examines public accountability issues. Useful for environmental lawyers, consultants, regulators and academics.



KN 94



      From popular sovereignty to the sovereignty of law : law, society, and politics in fifth-century Athens / Martin Ostwald. - Berkeley : University of California Press, 1986



KB 100


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