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Congratulations to Al-Khindi Library AGC declared the Winner of the Prime Minister's Department Innovation (Non- ICT) Award 2012 for its Lifelong Learning Programme, together with a cheque for RM10,000.00


Johan Anugerah Inovasi (Non-ICT) JPM 2012 pada 1 Oktober 2013


PM Department Continuous Excellence through Innovation


Anugerah Khas Perpustakaan Gunasama Cemerlang 2011


Anugerah Perpustakaan Gunasama Cemerlang 2011


Anugerah Perpustakaan Paling Aktif Melaksanakan Program Galakan Membaca 2011


Anugerah Perpustakaan Paling Aktif Melaksanakan Program Galakan Membaca 2010


Pustakawan, institusi diasak

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Al-Khindi Library (P4)
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Friday : Closed from
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Closed on Saturday, Sunday
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To assist in reference and research, AGC Library has compiled bibliographies of books on various subjects including:

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    Constitution of Malaysia
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Book Cover
Class No

ABDUL Wahhab, Muhammad

Kitab At-Tauhid / Sheikh-ul-Islam Muhammad bin Abdul Wahhab; translated by: Compilation and Research Department Dar-us-Salam. - Riyadh, Saudi Arabia : Darussalam Publications, 1996

These books, all the relevant Verses have been discussed reasonably, rationally and sincerely and the essence of the Qur'an and Sunnah is placed in a very simple and appealing manner.


KD 622




Tesaurus Bahasa Melayu / Ainon Mohd dan Abdullah Hassan. - 2nd ed. - Batu Caves, Selangor : PTS Professional Publishing, 2011

Tesaurus ini menyenaraikan perkataan-perkataan yang mempunyai konsep yang sama tetapi digunakan dalam konteks yang berlainan. Ia menyenaraikan entri menurut rentetan abjad huruf pangkal setiap perkataan.

KZ 499.2331




European comparative company law / Mads Andenas and Frank Wooldridge. - Cambridge : Cambridge University Press, 2009

Recent attempts to harmonize company law within the EU have led to major reform. Using seven countries as case studies, this examination of European company law takes into account recent reform, EU harmonization, the case law of the European Court and the extensive action plan adopted by the European Commission.


KN 261



ARCHBOLD : criminal pleading, evidence and practice / editor P.J. Richardson. - London : Sweet and Maxwell, 2011

The book is divided into logical sections using a consistent set of headings and sub-headings. It includes thousands of cross-references and is fully indexed, lightening the burden of research.

KN 350



AWANG, Sariyan

Tertib mengarang : asas retorik untuk pelajar dan pendidik / Awang Sariyan. - Kuala Lumpur : Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka, 2009

Buku yang mengadungi 21 bab ini menggunakan asas retorik dan stilistik dalam penghasilan karangan, hatta untuk karangan deskriptif, teknik dan profesional. Langkah-langkah mengarang diberikan peringkat demi peringkat dengan contoh yang jelas dengan bantuan rajah serta ilustrasi.

KZ 808.0499237



BARRETT, Deborah

Leadership communication / Deborah J. Barrett. - 3rd ed.  - New York : McGraw-Hill Irwin, 2011

This book guide current and potential leaders in developing the communication capabilities needed to be transformational leaders. It brings together managerial communication and concepts of emotional intelligence to create a new model of communication skills and strategies for corporate leaders.


KZ 658.45



BEAN, David .

Injunctions / David Bean and Isabel Parry. - 10th ed. - London : Thomson Reuters, 2010

Provides a description of the jurisdiction of the court to grant injunctions, guidance on practice and procedure and freezing injunctions and search orders. The coverage spans all areas of the law, with particular attention paid to matrimonial and domestic proceedings.


KN 232



BENJAMIN’S sale of goods / general editor, M. Bridge. - 8th ed. - London : Sweet & Maxwell, 2010

Presents a comprehensive explanation of the law of sale of goods, including terms and conditions, rights and obligations. It discusses the nature and formation of the contract of sale. Covers all relevant areas of contract and property law. Includes discussion of unfair contract terms in commercial and consumer sales.

KN 280



CAPPS, Patrick

Human dignity and the foundations of international law / Patrick Capps. -  Oxford : Hart Publishing, 2009

In this book the author proposes an important and provocative interpretation of the nature of international law. International lawyers have often been interested in the link between their discipline and the foundational issues of jurisprudential method, but little that is systematic has been written on this subject. In this book, an attempt is made to fill this gap by focusing on issues of concept-formation in legal science in general with a view to their application to the specific concerns of international law.

KC 100



Najib Razak / Chamil Wariya. - Kuala Lumpur : Media Global Matrix, 2009

Buku ini adalah rakaman detik-detik penting yang telah dilalui oleh Najib sepanjang tempoh 33 tahun berkecimpung dalam politik, bermula pada peringkat paling rendah awal 1976 hingga beliau berada di puncak kuasa mulai Mac 2009.


KZ 923.2595


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